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Should we leave home during showings?

Anything you say can and will be used against you. Loose lips sink ships. I can think of a lot of ways to say this but the story below says it all. Let your Agent do their job. They are paid to negotiate. They negotiate daily. When you do something often, you become good. Very good.

This is a question that we get asked frequently by our sellers.  Should we leave home during showings?  Our answer?  


100% yes.  There are many reasons.  

It's awkward to have sellers home during the showings.  What if the buyer hates it and tells you that your taste in decor is bad?  Awkward.

What if you come across as desperate and pushy?  Awkward.

Most importantly, what if you accidentally say something you shouldn't and give away your motivation for selling?  

Story time...  

I had a buyer that was looking for a home that would fit her family's needs.  We aren't talking a simple ranch on a slab in a cul-de-sac.  We're talking unique.  She wanted land, she wanted space, she wanted a basement, she wanted a large deck, and she wanted it to be in a very small area of Allen County. She has a special needs son (who really enjoyed running over my toes!!  Little rascal!), so it also had to be a certain layout to accomodate him.  It was a tall order, but doable.  We just had to be patient.  

And we were.

I showed her a home a year for four years.  While they all looked good online, none of them fit.

Finally, the right home came along.  

We were SO excited!  We set up an appointment to view it, and when we got there the sellers were just leaving.  I said hello and gave them a card to identify myself.  They asked if we would like them to give us a tour.  

I politely declined and explained that it was in their best interest to go ahead and go out for an hour or so while we looked.  

They asked again, almost pleading with us to let them give a tour.

I explained again that it would NOT be a good idea, and even suggested they call their agent to have him explain why they needed to leave.

Nope.  They weren't going anywhere.  I called the agent and got his voicemail.  I guess they were showing us the home!

They showed it to us and told us story after story.  They were very nice people.  They also told us how motivated they were and their reason for selling (which I can't share here).  They said that they hoped that we liked it and bought it, because it's such a unique property that there is MAYBE one buyer a year that it would fit.  

They completely showed us their hand.

As we left, my savvy buyer told me the number she wanted to offer.  

It was 60% of list price. 

Normally, I wouldn't even bother offering that in today's market.  But since we knew their motivation, I thought it was a smart move.  

We ended up negotiating for three days, and eventually got it for 75% of list price.  

That's absurd in this market, but not for this property or this situation. 

My buyer would have paid close to list price, but since they showed us their hand, she went for the jugular, and she won.  


So...  should you, as a seller, leave home during showings?  Yes.  



Amanda and Jared Christiansen are award winning Realtors with Century 21 Bradley Realty in the Fort Wayne area.

Enough about us...

Tell us what you want your real estate experience to be, and we will do it YOUR way.

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Thanks so much for the reblog Cheryl!  Loose lips do sink ships, like in this case.  Have a great week!                                    

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