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Ex parté - not smarté. That was an expensive phone call.

Here is a good example of why it is important to let the agent you hire do their job. I like the expression that loose lips sink ships. I also like the concept that what you say can and will be used against you. Lips zipped and let the agent represent you effectively are great guidelines.

Having just completed our inspection, my client and I were discussing the minor things we'd found.  One of the items was not so minor, but it was mostly superficial and cosmetic... it was in the attic, didn't effect anything structural, but was ugg-leee!

We discussed whether or not my client would like to request a credit to have it "cleaned up" (as any buyer when he goes to sell it will likely want done), ask for a credit, or just "faghedaboutit".

My client decided that he didn't really care about the attic issue.  He'd just clean it up on his own... he really liked the house, and the seller and didn't want to raise any hackles.... (wow!  Do you have any brothers or sisters who are also looking to buy??)... so he'd decided to just let it go.

No sooner had I hung up with my client, than my telephone rings, and it's the seller.  Not the seller's agent... the seller.  He wants to know what's going on... what issues are we going to raise regarding the inspection... etc... etc...

I tell him that it's not really appropriate that we speak directly... he should contact his agent... but he's insistent.  He says that any issues that my client wants fixed he's happy to fix or credit.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ pregnant pause.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(Did the seller really just tell me to just "ask for any credit"?)

"So"... I ask... "if my client were to ask for a $2,500 credit to repair the attic issue, for example... I explain the mostly cosmetic issue... and that the inspector says it should be about $5,000 - $10,000 to repair... .... you'd agree to that!?"

"Yes"... he says.... "but no more... it's not going to be a $5,000 - $10,000 issue, as the inspector suggests... $2,500, not a penny more"...

"I'll let my client know..."

"But do me a favour..." he asks.... "Don't tell my Realtor that we spoke, okay?

"No worries, he won't hear it from me."

hmmm...  I think your phone call just cost you $2,500.00.  That was an expensive call.

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