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The Official Unofficial ActiveRain Guide

Why reinvent the wheels. I like to leave a cookie crumb trail behind me of how to do this and that on Active Rain. Here you go with a one stop shopping list just in time for the Holidays.

The Official Unofficial ActiveRain Guide

ActiveRain encourages all members to share our knowledge,
and everything we need to know is just waiting to be found.

How do we easily find what we need?

A new member of ActiveRain (Newbie) has little knowledge of what to search for and if they begin their ActiveRain experience by reading The Dead Rain Scrolls and scrolls and scrolls of outdated Posts, they may be lost forever.  Newbies need a current Beginner's Guide To Success in the Rain. 

Per ActiveRain, this is required reading:

Weltanschauung: The guiding principles and philosophy of an organization; a world view

Understanding The Guiding Principles and Philosophy of ActiveRain is essential knowledge for ALL Members.


The Official Unofficial ActiveRain Guide
(Written by the members for the members)

In the beginning, ALL Newbies should seek out and join The ActiveRain Newbies Group.  After joining, immediately read at least three posts that have been written by Active Rain Members.  Take a deep breath and then leave a comment on your favorite post. 

Log on ActiveRain every day, read at least three posts and leave a comment.  As your confidence quickly builds, increase the amount of reading and the number of comments that you leave. 

Welcome to your new adventure. 


While reading and commenting, begin to learn and connect with other members...

What is Active Rain?  A Comprehensive FAQ

What's with all the Points?  The ActiveRain Point System

Why should I leave comments?  Joining The Conversation

How to build better relationships: Why Associate, Why Subscribe, Why, Why Why?

How and why to join a Group: ActiveRain Group Analysis

Creating Your ActiveRain Profile

How To Set-Up Your ActiveRain Profile Part 1: Your Photo, Contact Information and Description

How to Set-up Your ActiveRain Profile Part 2: Maximizing The Value and Benefits of Your Profile

How to present a better image on ActiveRain: How to improve your Active Rain Profile

How do I contact The ActiveRain Staff for assistance?  The Staff is ALWAYS available to help.

Creating Your ActiveRain Blog

How to improve the appearance of your Blog: Need a little help DECORATING your Blog?

How to select your Blog Theme: Everything you want to know about Themes (Series)

How to improve your Blog Signature: ActiveRain Blog Signature (Series)

How to add Links in your Blog Sidebar: Everything you want to know about Sidebar Links

How To Write A Post

It begins with The Title: How to Write A Catchy Blog Post Title that POPS

Pick a GOOD Topic: How to Write a Market Report for your Real Estate Blog

Helpful Writing Advice: Dynamic Writing Technique

How To Improve Your Blog Resources

How to make letters bigger and colorful: Spice up your text with color and size

How to add pictures to your post: How to insert a picture into an Activerain Post

How to enhance and frame your pictures: Turning an average photo into a Great Photo

How to organize photos in a post: How to Create a Photo Collage

How to add hyperlinks to your post: How to create HyperLinks to Anchor Text

How to maximize your links: Linking and Beyond

How to get more comments on your post: The Facts are in the Stats

How and why to RE-BLOG: RE-BLOGGING and BEYOND

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Resources: 

SEO Basics

Essentials for Effective SEO Blogging

SEO Assistance

Video Resources:

Ten Video Tips For Real Estate Agents

How to Join YouTube     How to upload a video to YouTube     How to edit a video on YouTube

My YouTube Channel Featuring Community Related Videos as "Samples"

Debb Janes YouTube Channel Featuring Community Related Videos as "Samples"

How to embed and center a video in your post

How to embed a video in your Sidebar

How to embed a video in your Profile

How to embed a video in your Blog Signature

Join The VBloggers Group to learn and share video knowledge and content

Join The YouTube Thursdays Group to Increase YOUR YouTube Subscribers

Additional Resources:

How to dominate Google with Active Rain

Craig's Classroom provides a wealth of Technical Information

NEW MEMBERS - Start Here

Blogger Startup Kit

ActiveRain University

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Great minds is all I can come up with as I re-posted this post this afternoon too!  Richard is always coming up with great stuff!

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