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Top 10 Reasons to Post on Active Rain

Ten and counting!!

Active Rain and its staff have provided us with a resource equal to "Guaranteed Success". Now, of course this means that for it to work you have to work it.  That's the down and dirty truth about just about everything we do. We can talk the talk but to become successful we must walk the walk.

If you are sitting at your desk in your office waiting for the phone to ring or for someone to walk in off the street to "give" you business then WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE!  You may just starve doing that! Buyers AND Sellers are now beginning their search to find the right match for them on the Internet.  Up to 90% of all Buyers AND Sellers are looking to the web before making any decisions about who they should list with, what properties they would like to view, what Realtor they would feel the most comfortable with, how to find the right lender, what the steps are to securing a home and getting to closing successfully and who comes most recommended?

All the information is on the web. Shouldn't YOU be the one supplying it? Yep, you should. Here are a few great reasons to post consistently to Active Rain.

1.   AR is extremely Google Friendly. The staff does all the technical work behind the scenes and they have a wonderful relationship with the Search Engines. They take most of the work off your plate.  They provide you with an abundance of information to guide you through the process of optimizing your Active Rain Account. THANK YOU ACTIVE RAIN FOR ALL YOU DO FOR US!

2.   AR provides you several platform options to choose from. My advice is to mix it up and use them all. You have a basic submission account that sends your post to Google. It is up to you to write quality and informative posts with keyword optimization to target your Market Areas.  These posts can be about just about anything. Real Estate related posts are the best for you and your marketing strategy.

3.   Another one of AR's platforms is called Localism. What does this mean and what will it do for you? It will show you as being a local expert within your own community.  Now, if a Buyer is shopping in your area who will they call? The Local Expert of course. YOU.

4.   What is the reason you want to be the Local Expert and why would you want to be so? It means you love your community. You can post your personal listings and watch what happens. Google loves it. You can eat at your local restaurant, write a review and throw in a couple of pictures and a portion of the menu. You can visit the local park and write about the neighborhoods that have easy access for their children's soccer games and playgrounds.  What better way is there to gain local loyalty?

5.   Yet another reason to post to Localism is that it actually helps YOU to learn and love your own community. Who can best sell their community? A person that is active within the community and a person that loves it.  The more you learn of your own people and area the better you can sell it!

6.   The more you are out in your community the more people you will meet. What is the absolute BEST ADVERTISING IN THE WORLD? WORD OF MOUTH! You meet the people and write a post telling all about them. They read it and are proud as well they should be. Then what happens? They tell someone and your phone begins to ring off the wall. It all centers around Active Rain and their strategy. Go for it.

7.   Google LOVES FRESH CONTENT! This does not mean you have to write every day by any means. Even once a week with good content can and probably will establish you as an expert with Google and other Search Engines themselves. After writing consistently and posting on a regular basis Google will begin to consider you and expert in the field. They will feel you can be trusted and know you will be back. Up goes your site and up goes your best writing!

8.   Pick your local Market Keyword Phrase and go for it. Example: Boston Imperial Gardens. Let's say it's a neighborhood. Post at least every other week on that neighborhood. Add a link to your site for your post that has a title of Boston Imperial Gardens and just watch what happens. Any time anyone types in the keywords "Boston Imperial Gardens" to either buy or sell a house YOU are going to come up. You and your posts.

9.   Have you added the link of Active Rain to your site? If you look on the left hand side bar while on your profile you will see towards the bottom "Add Link".  By adding this link to your site, you are adding the power of the total membership of Active Rain. Google will follow your link and realize they are linking back to you and you will be on the map! Each time you write a post through Active Rain it is a link that points straight towards your site because after all, you are the Local Expert, remember?

10.   This is it? I thought I might find it difficult to get 10 but I'm having a difficult time stopping here. There are tons of reasons I have not gotten to mention. Tons! But, here we go. Number 10 is by far the most important reason for you to be an active member here.

Sub Categories: Friendship, bonding, learning, teaching, sharing, understanding, pride of marketing, acceptance, excellence, eye candy (photos), humor and tears and prayer. What could be better?

In the last 10 days I have secured two listings to the tune of $1,500.000.00 directly from my Active Rain Account. We have also executed a contract of nearly $500,000.00 to close at the end of the month and it all came from Active Rain. Oh sure, it took a lot of work. It's not a walk in the park. As I said before, you have to "walk the walk" if you "talk the talk" AND YOU CAN DO IT!

Can you truly place a price tag on SUCCESS? I think not. Sign up today.

I'm Deb Brooks

Active Rain Ambassador

Call me direct if you have any questions...936-661-2624.

Oh, and get busy. Sign up, create your account and start posting!!!



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Comment balloon 2 commentsCheryl Ritchie • June 23 2010 06:14PM


Great reasons. I am sure you will add more.

Posted by Team Honeycutt (Allen Tate) over 9 years ago

Thanks for this post! That's a great list you have! I am pretty satisfied with active rain!



Posted by Michael A. Caruso (Surterre Properties) over 9 years ago