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61 Top Marketing Reads, Tools, Resources and Research of 2009 for Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Companies

Here you go!

61 Top Marketing Reads, Tools, Resources and Research of 2009 for Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Companies

I have taken a time traveling trip through Real Skillz Facebook and Twitter accounts in search of the top 61 marketing reads, tools, resources and research of 2009 for real estate agents and real estate companies as tweeted and noted by Real Skillz real estate marketing.

Here are the results,

Favorite Marketing Reads of 2009

  1. 2009 Tribalization of Business Study- Deloitte- Study on use of Social Media by businesses.
  2. IBM Study- The End of Advertising As We Know It- Social Media Today's summary of the IBM Study- The End of Advertising As We Know It.
  3. EBay Generated $400M in business from iPhone App: CEO- How one mobile app. increased EBay's profit margins.
  4. Peanut Butter Plan to Feed the Homeless Spreads- Social Networking for a Charitable Cause
  5. Google Does Not Use the Keywords Meta Tag In Web Ranking- Confirmation of meta tag non ranking attribute.
  6. Committee to Protect Bloggers:  An Interview- Take a look at the and learn about lending your voice to help bloggers around the world.
  7. Search Engine Optimization Tips for Commercial Real Estate Professionals- Easy to follow post on some simple SEO tips. Blogged for Commercial r.e. agents, but residential can easily follow these tips also.
  8. Mobile WiFi Consumption on the Rise- JWire- "Thirty-eight percent of mobile users employing WiFi in cafés are making purchases via mobile."
  9. Location, Location, Location- Twitter Blog- Hyper-local isn't just hype, it's common sense.
  10. Ask Miz Ginevra-Using Your Own Domain with Your Blog- You can use domain mapping option on typepad blogging platform and integrate your blog into your website.
  11. Lending Tree Casts Consumers as Superheros-The Rebranding of Lending Tree.
  12. 10 Worst Countries to Be A Blogger- Persecution of bloggers in some countries exists beyond monetary injury.
  13. Linked In Profiles More Accurate than Resumes- (Sad But True)- How thorough is your profile on LinkedIn? May be time for an update.
  14. Web Key for Autos-Brandfreak- Consumers want video experience when car shopping and autodealers are responding.
  15. Social Media Press Releases- How to use multiple types of press releases for an effective marketing reach.
  16. The Answer Factory: Demand Media and the Fast, Disposable, and Profitable as Hell Media Model- Quality vs. Quantity- Speed vs. Durability.....Ways to ponder and think about the current and future use and marketing of online content. Some food for thought.
  17. Live from DMA09:  Got Content? Get a Content Strategy- Plan to create and execute a content based strategy this year.  Here are some ideas around content strategy to get the creative juices flowing.
  18. Search engines will be able to find documents created and published using Google Apps- If you want more of your internet property to be indexed on Google (branding), just another reason to use Google Docs.
  19. U.S. Weekly Breaks the Facebook Advertising Mold- U.S. Weekly takes on State Farm as an official sponsor on its Facebook Fan Page.  Really Smart Marketin

Favorite Marketing Tools of 2009

  1. A gratitude journal to list what you are thankful for everyday
  2. Daft Doggy might be a good tool to use to see how your clients are browsing for listings online and how you can help them. I know my mom often shares with me her real estate website searches, where she is searching, what she is finding, and what is lacking.  Why not track the same things for your clients to help give them a better home buying experience.
  3. For the individual professional zoho has apps from doc managers to collaboration and oh yeah, mobile access.
  4. Switch Audio Converter Software-If you record a note to yourself on your blackberry, you can use this software to convert it into a MP3. Awesome.Why would you do this? For mobile podcasting I would use Utterli, but if I were on the go and wanted to record a private message for someone to hear or for my online journal- so I didn't want it to show up in a public timeline....ta da....Easy Breezy.
  5. Manage your documents, discussions, schedules, checklists in one place and share with your team.
  6. you are looking for old copy or layout that you had on your website but did not save, try searching on the wayback machine.... a trip thru internet time.  I have used this tool for years and it has come in handy for soooo many things.
  7. 2D or not 2D that is the bar code question- I would love to see 2D bar codes used in the house hunting process.
  8. How cool is this? Time Management for reading. Subscribe for free and get installments of books sent to you by email or EVEN BETTER RSS Feed.
  9.  Free images for your blog.
  10. Add video messages to your tweets.
  11. Digsby- Manage your social networks, email, and chat.
  12. Dropsend-  Send large files from your desktop.
  13. site shows how popular websites are in the blogosphere in Real Time. Awesome. Check out your site, the sites you enjoy visiting, and your competitors.
  14. Docstoc-Real Estate peeps I would upload my documents to this site....good PR and has a very visible real estate category on the homepage.
  15. Identifies, categorizes and ranks top seo companies. Great presentation and resource.
  16. Metroblogging- City specific blogs worldwide; This could be part of your hyperlocal marketing strategy.
  17. Prezi- Online Presentation Tool.

Favorite Marketing Resources of 2009

  1. B.B. Geeks- Reviews on Blackberry applications, news, and information.
  2. 29 Ways to Carry Out Random Acts of Kindness Everyday- A friend sent me this article and even though it's from 2008 acts of kindness have a way of transcending time.
  3. AdAge Power150- A Daily Ranking of Marketing Blogs.
  4. Chris Harrison- Internet Map- Beautiful internet maps showing how connected we truly are....u know, these might make a nice edition if you are tech savvy in your listing presentations- Sometimes Seeing IS Believing.  Email the creator if you do this for permissions....make sure to give appropriate credits as well.
  5. Web For Design Patterns:  Sign-up Forms- An article from 2008 that I shared in 2009. Very relevant if you are strategically planning your website.
  6. World's Best Presentation Contest 2009 from Adobe and Slideshare- See what makes up a winning presentation and incorporate the winning elements into your presentations.
  7. Guide to Single Serving Websites- Solid article. Real Estate professionals read this and think about your open houses, buyer's seminars, micro-niche markets.
  8. Free E-Course-Finding Information in Technology- Excellent Free E-Learning Course- Finding Information in Technology....also reviews Copyright fyi.
  9. 29 Ways to Collect Email Addresses for Your Business- A blog post that lists the 29 best ways to collect email addresses. All salespeople know the power is in your list and the strength of those connections. Check out this free list of ideas for ideas on how to capture those email addresses and grow your list.
  10. Forbes 21 Top Twitter Tips- 21 Ways you can use Twitter for your business that make sense.
  11. Facebook Developer Roadmap- Developer roadmap for Facebook to have a better idea of what changes will happen on Facebook and when those will occur.
  12. Landing Page Optimization Silver Bullets-Web Marketing Today- Really nice list of landing page optimization tips, would be nice to see some on Real Estate websites.
  13. 100 Ways to Measure Social Media- Awesome no fluff list to measure social media.
  14. Marketing reference guide that helps cut through the lingo.
  15. Experiment in March of '09 for one week to record how many referrals could be made.  I participated by making two referrals and recording them.  Good idea for a campaign for real estate franchises/brokerages.
  16. SCORE Online- Free and valuable online courses for small business owners.

Favorite Marketing Research of 2009

  1. Has your site been checked in different browsers? IE (Internet Explorer) still leads marketshare.
  2. 2009 Women and Social Media Study by BlogHer, IVillage and Compass Partners-  This study give you one more reason to blog:) Women trust them more than social networks according to 2009 Women and Social Media Study by BlogHer, iVillage and Compass Partners.
  3. The World's Most Valuable Brands.  Who's Most Engaged? Engagement DB Ranking the Top 100 Global Brands- Ranked on the breadth and depth of engagement.
  4. 50 Best Websites 2009- Great list to learn about usability and engagement.
  5. Facebook: Who You Know; Twitter: What You Know- Study finds video viewed longer when posted to Twitter than posted to Facebook.
  6. 52 Percent of Americans use mobile for non-voice activities:  Study- Huge mobile stats here. Ignoring mobile is ignorant.
  7. Mobile Internet User Experience is Miserable:  Study- " 59% success rate for users to complete mobile tasks vs. 80% success rate from their pc"= Lots of work to be done here.
  8. Consumers More Negative Now About Economy- Why it's important to think about the value of your brand as it directly correlates to the REAL value of your service.
  9. More women using social networks preferring Facebook- It's really important to keep on top of these trends and tweak your marketing accordingly.

This is the condensed version.  Throughout the year I have tweeted and reported from my Facebook accounts of useful tools, research, resources and great reads pertinent to the real estate industry.  I will continue to do so in 2010.  Make sure you don't miss any...we are now 5 days into 2010 and Real Skillz has been Tweeting and Facebooking away.  It's really simple not to miss a just need a computer mouse and three clicks.

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Wow Cheryl! I knew of some of these but not even close to all! Thanks for the info. Now I have this blog on my "first cup of coffee" schedule!!

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HyperOffice collaboration software is a great online productivity suite you might want to include in your list.

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