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I think the one that involves the Seller leaving during showings is my top favorite. Loose lips ink ships is one way to explain IT. What is your favorite on the list below? I think it is valuable to review these points during the listing presentation prior to the first showings.



1. Decline showings while your home is listed & then be dissapointed when your home doesn't sell.

2. Reschedule showings while your home is listed assuming the buyer will "just come back."

3. Attempt to negotiate the sale of your home to perspective buyers while your home is listed unless you and your Broker have an agreement that specifies you as the point of contact for negotiations.

4. Stay home for showings, inspections or appraisals.

5. Attempt to advertise your home while it is listed without speaking first to your Broker.

6. Attempt to fix or make repairs to your home after an inspection without the involvment of a certfied or licensed professional.

7. Call or contact the other Realtor or their client during your real estate transaction.

8. Rely on ANYONE'S opinion when it comes to your homes value unless they have direct access to comparable sales on YOUR MLS.

9. Rely on a past appraisal for your home to guide you for a list price when you want to sell your home.

10. Place a FSBO sign next to your Realtors sign.

11. Quit making mortgage payments because you have your home under contract.

12. Hide anything about the condition of your home when placing it on the market, especially from your Realtor.

13. Share the details of your contract with your neighbors.

14. Tell your neighobrs you are desparate to sell.

15. Transate the details of your real estate transaction on facebook.

16. Approach the person buying your house on Google plus or any other social media outlet.

17. Research the buyer for your home and assume they are a great buyer or bad buyer based on the fact they were in jail eleven years ago for smoking grass.

18. Assume because a relative has told you they will buy your home that they will.

19. Assume that because you paid X for your home that it's worth at least X. You could have overpaid.

20. That if the builder is listed for X that you should be listed for X.







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I think the one that involves the Seller leaving during showings is my top favorite. Loose lips ink ships is one way to explain IT. What is your favorite on the list below? I think it is valuable to review these points during the listing… more
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