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Paper versus digital listing presentations - which is better?

This concept fascinates me, too. I am using Touch CMA ad Cloud CMA along with the new I also dabble in the Top Producer brand version and have Toolkit CMA on the back burner. Different homes, different prep times, different marketing plans means different plans for different occasions. Hybrid concept now works best i.e. a little of several methods. How about you?

My new brokerage, ARRIVVA, is starting out as an all-digital real estate company.  As part of the business model, listing presentations are digital.  This is a good thing when considering how much more information can be conveyed in such a format when compared to paper.  Paper, while tangible, seems so limiting in this world where pictures, video, and so much more need to be shown to clients.  My question is this; which is truly better?


Fancy Listing Packages

Many big brokerages off a range of listing materials including pre-printed pages covering topics from advertising to staging.  The pages are expensive - costing up to $2/page for a high-end paper and print process.  Even when printed on regular copy paper in color, it's still not cheap - around 25 cents per page.  When you consider how many pages, including the CMA, an agent prints out for a listing presentation these things can get expensive.

Now, add onto that the fancy listing kits with their leatherette binders and cover-stock dividers - all costing upwards of $50 (sometimes more).  It seems like a big waste of money to me...when considering digital is free and, in my opinion, better.


The End of Print?

The old method of listing presentations with paper binders is likely to be around a long time still.  Is it ever going to disappear?  I'd like to think so.  If my agents make 100 listing presentations in a month at a cost of $10 each, that's $1000 I could have spent on something else.  If they go fancy at $50 each, that's $5000.  Why would I want to stick with printed listing presentations?


The Rise of Digital

Digital listing presentations aren't new and many companies, like TouchCMA, and CloudCMA, offer good products for delivering them.  They cost very little, can be customized myriad ways, and offer up-to-date data.  What's not to like?  So, why hasn't it taken over completely? 


Are paper listing presentations dinosaurs?  Is digital on the rise?

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Paper versus digital listing presentations - which is better?
This concept fascinates me, too. I am using Touch CMA ad Cloud CMA along with the new NARRPR. com. I also dabble in the Top Producer brand version and have Toolkit CMA on the back burner. Different homes, different prep times, different marketing… more
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