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Catch Up With The Joneses: 8 Must Do Upgrades To Get Your Home Out Of The 80's

There are some really valid in the trenches observations in this post about home updates. Countertop upgrades, bathroom color overhaul, paneling removal...these are really important. Neutrals are important. Nickel doorknobs are in and popcorn is out. Check out this well written list of observations on how to effectively update a home.

Catch Up With The Joneses


8 Must Do Upgrades To Get Your Home Out Of The 80’s 


 We update our wardrobe to keep up with the latest fashions and we prefer to drive new or late model cars. So why not instill the same philosophy when it comes to your home? Don’t get me wrong the 80’s was a great era for big hair and acid wash jeans but not so much for interior design. Keeping your home updated is vital if you ever plan on putting your house on the market.  So if you’ve been putting it off it’s about time to catch up with the Jonses so your home value isn’t left behind in the real estate dust. Here are 8 desperately needed home upgrades that should be done today to get your home out of the 80’s


  1. Colored Bathrooms: The Pepto Bismal look is way out. So is the Smurf look. So get rid of those pink or blue colored tiles in the bathroom and replace the basin, tub or toilet that screams grandma and grandpa’s house. Based on many surveys woman revere the bathrooms as key selling points of a home. 

  2. Kitchen Appliances: If you can use the words avocado or mustard in any sentence when describing your kitchen then you better head to Home Depot to open a line of credit and cave into an upgrade. It’s the year 2013 – it’s all about stainless steel.

  3. Countertops: It is sooooo time to eliminate the laminate! Bite the bullet and upgrade to granite countertops. It increases your home value instantly. Every current home buyer seeks out granite countertops so it’s a must these days.

  4. Brass Chandeliers & Ceiling Fans: If you have either of these (or both) it is time to get rid of them. In fact, anything with brass on it needs to be updated. The only thing bigger in the 80’s than hair was brass. And just how brass tarnishes, so has its style. Update to bronze or nickel chandeliers and newer fans.

  5. Wood Paneling: Remove your wood paneling, throw it in the fireplace and roast some marshmallows. Wood paneling does nothing but make a room look dark and outdated. By removing the wood paneling and adding a fresh coat of paint you will convert the look of the room drastically.

  6. Red or Bright Colored Carpet: The only place you should ever see red carpet is in Hollywood and at music award ceremonies, NOT IN YOUR HOUSE! Red or bright colored carpeting is an eyesore. If your house is on the market you want to lure your prospective buyers not scare them. Opt for neutral colored carpeting.

  7. Wall Paper Borders: Unless it’s a room strictly designed as a nursery, wall paper borders should be taken down immediately and never to reappear again. It dates a room back to the 80’s and its time to head back to the future. Repaint the walls with an earth tone or neutral color.

  8. Popcorn Ceilings: Popcorn belongs in a bucket with butter and salt, not on your ceiling! This dates your home like there’s no yesterday and it reminds people of old cheap motel rooms. It’s easy to remove (just a little messy) by simply spraying warm water on it, letting it soak, and then scraping it right off. 



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There are some really valid in the trenches observations in this post about home updates. Countertop upgrades, bathroom color overhaul, paneling removal… these are really important. Neutrals are important. Nickel doorknobs are in and popcorn is… more
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