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How To Make A Custom Google Subdivision Map Step By Step

This is the instant reblog selection of the day for sure! I read ten posts and then pick my favorite. You know what that means! Usually some tech post has caught my eye somewhere. Here you go! I am going to sit down later and read this a few times, but in the interim, here you go !

How To Make A Custom Google Subdivision Map Step By Step

We love custom Google maps!  Each of our subdivision posts get one to clearly define the boundaries of the community (especially important because our IDX solution doesn't allow us to draw irregular map searches (yet!).  We've probably created 50+ custom maps and while they may be cumbersome to initially get a handle on, we can now go from start to html code stage in less than 5 minutes.

So when the Sensei challenge came up and Beth Atalay listed custom maps as something she'd like help with, that was an easy volunteer opportunity!  We used to do a walk through of what we're going to show you below.  Our hope is that anyone who wants to produce a custom Google map can easily do so with just a little practice!

So what do you need to start?

First, you need a Google account, so if somehow you've managed to avoid it, you need to sign up for a free account.  Without it you won't be able to save your maps or edit them later.

Next step is visit and click the Maps selection on the menu bar.  You'll get this:

Google Map view

The map may not default to your general area, so move the map until you have your desired neighborhood in view.  You can double click to zoom in, and drag the map left/right/up/down until you get to where you want.  For this first step, you want to be in MAP view and not SATELLITE.  Use the left slider to zoom in until you get the subdivision lot lines to show up.  You're now ready for the next step.  Click CREATE MAP (in red on top left) to get to the view below:

Google Map view

Name your map in Box 1.  Think SEO terms because Google likes it's own product.  Use Box 2 to describe your subdivision.  Who is the builder?  Schools? Pool community? etc.!  Normally you're going to select PUBLIC view in the bottom left.  Why hide your work?

Google Map creation


Now to highlight you subdivision you have three choices from the drop down above.  We prefer "Draw Shape" because we can define the boundaries and highlight the entire community.  So select "Draw Shape", then go to one of the boundaries of your subdivision and click, then go to the next corner, click, next boundary change, click....and repeat until you've defined the entire boundary.  Make sure your last click brings you back to your first square marker point and the inside of your community will now fill in.

Google Map creation

When you complete the trace, you've now got your subdivision outlined and you get the pop up above.  Similar to your work earlier, fill in title and description.  If you've got pictures stored at a URL (e.g. Flickr), you can embed photos, links, etc.  Where you see the color square in the top right, click there if you want to change the color of the fill in and you can also change the density of the colors.  Darken or lighten as you like.

Google Map view

Do you have features of the area you want to mark?  Pool?  Tennis courts?  Area park?  Note the arrow on the top left?  That allows you to place a marker on the map.  We find it best to switch from MAP mode to SATELLITE for this step.  Zoom in until you can clearly see the feature you want to highlight.  Click the upper left blue marker, then move your mouse over the spot you want to mark and click.  You'll get a marker like the bottom right and a pop up box again.  Describe what you're marking.  Again, you can add a picture if you have a URL to link to.  If you click the marker in the top right you'll get this:

Google Map markers

Click on the one you want and you can change your marker.  And yes, it is possible to upload other icons.  Like the pictures, they need to be online, so you need a reliable source if you're going to make a change to the default icons/markers

Make sure you've SAVED and clicked DONE.  Now you have:

Google Map view

You'll see the link chain but if you want embeddable HTML code to put in your blog, you need to do another step.  It's goofy, but it's what you have to do.  Click another of the Google menu tabs (e.g. Images), and then click Maps again.  You'll see your map under your "My Places" on the left.  That back and forth menu action enabled the customizable link coding, so now you can click the chain and you'll see the customizable phrase at the bottom of the pop up box.  Click that link to get:

Google Map creation

You can use any of the default sizes, or go custom.  We prefer custom.  Select Custom, then enter Width and Height.  We like 600 x 400.  Also zoom in or out on your map as you like, and select Map or Satellite as you prefer.  Make sure you get the map looking as you want it to on your post, it's will duplicate what is in the preview window.  Scroll down to the HTML box at the bottom when you're done with your adjustments and highlight and copy all the html code.  From there, go back to your blog editor, select the HTML mode, click where you want your map to go and then paste.  Save and you'll now have a map that looks like this:


View Chestnut Hill of Mason Ohio 45040 in a larger map

And you're done!  Map embedded in post, and it's saved.  If you ever edit it, because the coding is dynamic all your past posts also update with the new map code.  Pretty sweet, right?

Any questions, just let us know!

Hyperlocal blogging rocks and makes your phone ring!

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