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10 Spring Cleaning Tips You Won't Want to Forget!

I look like the lady in the cartoon when I clean. I like to vacuum almost Daily. What a good idea to dust while gabbing. I think the regular fit it in as you go cleaning is a great way to tackle the chore. The Mr. Eraser sponges are excellent for tackling wall marks. Enjoy the Kathy Streib tips!

10 Spring Cleaning Tips You Won’t Want to Forget!

 You don’t have to wait until spring to get started on these 10 Spring Cleaning Tips.   In fact, forclean those of us in the South, we could do these all year.   If you’re planning on selling  your house,  these are just the items you’ll want to tackle to make your house sparkle and go to the head of the “Buy” list.  However, you don’t have to have your home on the market to give it the good old Spring Cleaning.

 Some supplies you’ll need: vinegar, water, microfiber clothes, baking soda, and soap.


10 Spring Cleaning Tips You Won’t Want to Forget:


1.  Shine the Light!  Besides the  usual dusting of  your furniture, don’t forget your lamps.  Wipe the lamp shades and don’t forget a dry cloth to clean the light bulbs.

 2.  Let’s See!  You guessed it... clean the windows.   Remove your screens, hose them off and if you’re selling your house... leave them off.  Keeping the screens off can allow as much as 10% more light in.  Don’t forget your blinds (both sides) and the window sills.

 3.  EZ-Slider!  Many houses in Florida have sliding glass doors in the family room, Master Bedroom, and elsewhere.   A dirty track can ruin that relaxing transition from family room to spa pool area.   Use a hard brush if you need to loosen the dirt, then sweep or vacuum the area.  Use a wet or damp rag to finish it.

clean the windows4.  Wash On-Wash Off!  Dirt and dust aren’t just on horizontal surfaces.  You can use a Mr Clean eraser for some surfaces like doors which tend to attract those dirty little finger prints.  A slightly damp sponge or cloth will work on some walls or use a microfiber cloth.

 5.  Garbage in-Garbage out!   Even your garbage can wants to feel clean.  Give these a thorough washing and don’t forget your wastebaskets as well.

 6.  Check your Protectors!  When we had our first hard wood floors, the first thing I did was put the felt protectors on our chairs and tables and anything else that could scratch the floor.  It’s a good idea to check yours and replace any that are worn, missing or gritty.

7.  Steam & Clean- When cleaning your windows, don’t forget any coverings you may have.  Many of the fabrics can be steamed; some can be taken down and washed; and you may have some that will need to be taken to the dry cleaners.

 8.  Walk & Talk//Walk & Dust- this is something I often do when I’m on the phone.  I grab a duster or microfiber cloth and go along the baseboards while I’m talking.  (I’d say have your teenager do this but it’s kind of hard to dust & text!).  Buy an extender and attack your ceiling fans, your doors and the door frames, and stair railings.

 9.  Dish it out!  Dishwashers need some TLC as well.  To keep it fresh run a dishwasher safe cup of vinegar in the top rack.  Nothing else should be in it.   You can place baking soda on the bottom and run the cycle again.  

10. Super Coil- Your refrigerator coils should actually be cleaned more often but let’s face it who has time.  However keeping your fridge clean, cleaning the coils helps to save energy.  


So,  here are your 10 Spring Cleaning Tips....Ready to Get Started?

 Kathy Streib 

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