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Rebel Mouse ~ My Newest Favorite Online Toy

This gets emailed to my Evernote Account NOW! In other words, this goes on my project list pronto. I really like the visual representation concept. Affinity selling is accomplished easily by displaying your various interests. This is a winner!

Rebel MouseIf you haven't discovered Rebel Mouse yet, you may be in for a real treat. For lack of a better way of explaining it, Rebel Mouse is an aggregator of your Social Media, or any media that you choose, that tells a quick and interesting story of the things that you want told. 

It's not fair to compare it to Pinterest, only insofar as the pictures are visually stimulating and give an overall, subconscious understanding of the subject matter.  Here's how it works . . .

You sign up for your FREE, main account.  Then you can set up as many sub-accounts under your main account as you would like, for whatever subject matter that you want.  I have three accounts so far . . . One for my Social Media (mostly Facebook for me), one for Real Estate News, and one for my photography.

If you are doing a Social Media page (this is what it looks like directly when it is not linked to my website), then you set that one up to link to your Social Media accounts ~ Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.  I do NOT connect my other pages to my Social Media sites because I don't want those posts feeding into my 'strictly real estate' page.

There are so many uses for these pages, and I have set my two main Rebel Mouse pages to link on my website (many use it as their Homepage for their website, but it doesn't give you any SEO - it just looks cool).  Here's someone who uses it as their home page for their real estate site. I have a separate tab on my Navigation Bar on my site for Real Estate News, which I update almost daily with just the click of a button.

At first I populated it with a lot of my blog posts that I had written about real estate.  Now, each day, when I come across an interesting real estate story, I just click the STICK button that will be on your toolbar when you sign up (much like the PIN IT button from Pinterest), select which of your Rebel Mouse pages you want it to go to, and voila, your page stays current.  That easy.

The Social Media page takes care of itself.  I have linked it to my Facebook page, and whenever I post to Facebook (you can add other Social Media sites as well), it automatically populates that page.  I have linked that to my ABOUT MIMI tab on my site.

If someone is looking for a Realtor and wants to know something about me personally, you get a really good idea of who I am when you look at what I do on Facebook.  Rebel Mouse gives you a quick, concise, and interesting overview.  You can linger or you can just look.  Either way, you get an idea of whether or not I'm someone you would want to work with.

When people ask me about what's going on in the real estate market, I will often send them a link to my Rebel Mouse real estate page. It gives a broad overview, and it often drives people back to my website when they read individual articles.

If you click on one of my links in the body of this post, you will find a sign up bar across the top of either of the pages.  That's where you begin. 

Don't hesitate to ask me questions. I'll be glad to help where I can. And if you haven't Subscribed to Mimi's Musings yet, please click the Green Victorian on your way by.

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Rebel Mouse ~ My Newest Favorite Online Toy
This gets emailed to my Evernote Account NOW! In other words, this goes on my project list pronto. I really like the visual representation concept. Affinity selling is accomplished easily by displaying your various interests. This is a winner! If… more
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