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RainCamp Online: Best of the Best

Rain Camp is a great way to tap into some of the best Real Estate from the trenches training available. Here are the links below to sign up and get an overview of some of the hottest topics in the industry. Pop your popcorn and see you there.

RainCamp: Best of the Best

In the past, RainCamp was designed to bring you great advice about marketing your business online. This time around we wanted to get a little closer to the bread and butter of real estate.

When: August 30th 9am-11:30am Pacific Time.
Where: Your couch, bed, office, wherever you can get an internet signal.
Who: You and 5 people that as a group closed more deals than 500 average agents combined.
What: Sharing practical advice on 'in the trenches' techniques for driving a business.
Why: Because this is stuff anyone can and should be doing in their business and it's free for you to attend.

How: By signing up here

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As we look around the real estate landscape, there are no shortage of ways to be successful. Some agents swear by certain things that other agents wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole. Many of you probably wouldn't pick up the phone and call 50 random strangers on the phone. In fact, you'd likely be terrified of even the thought of doing such a thing.

But what if it was 100% guaranteed that taking a certain action would end up with a certain result? What if you were guaranteed that picking up the phone book, opening it randomly and dialing for dollars would actually get you appointments, and ultimately lead to more business?

What's on Tap?

For this RainCamp, we have scoured the country to find the 'Best of the Best', agents that have refined a particular part of their business. They have agreed to come online for RainCamp and share with you how they've done it. We hope you will join us as we take a look at:

  • Prospecting to Your Sphere: How to get 24 Deals a Year from your Friends and Family
  • Cold Call Prospecting: Just Pick Up the Dang Phone!!
  • Radio Advertising: Best ROI in the Industry?
  • Prospecting to Expired Listings: We Know they Want to Sell!
  • REO Listings: Have Banks Calling You to List their Homes

We're calling this RainCamp, 'Best of the Best' because the presenters we will have on the webinar have learned that excelling in one aspect of the business can and will take your entire business to another level. They are willing to share what they've learned because in many cases, someone else shared with them at some point, then they took the idea, made it theirs and ran with it.

We hope you will walk away from RainCamp with the tools and ideas to take one piece of what you learn on August 30th and get started conquering one aspect of your business. Even after listening for a few hours you might not be inspired to pick up the phone book and start cold calling strangers, but we all have friends and family. We all have expired listings in our market. We all have REO's selling around us, and every one of you has a chance to hit the airwaves for some of the best leads in the business.

So clear your schedule for a few hours and join us on August 30th from 9am-11:30am Pacific Time as we bring you the 'Best of the Best'. Over the next week we will be introducing you to the speakers and giving you a little more insight into what they will be sharing. In the meantime, get signed up now for this free webinar that will definitely give you some new ideas you can put to work right away.

Register for RainCamp:

Register for RainCamp


Interested in meeting some local ActiveRain members?

For the last few online RainCamps, we've been reaching out to members of the community to have you host meetups in your local areas. We'll be doing the same thing this time around. If you are a social butterfly and interested in meeting some other Rainers in your area Kerrie has all the details on Meetups over here. Check it out. Tons of fun to be had meeting other local ActiveRain members.

Special Thank you to our Sponsors

We'd love if you'd check out our sponsors. They allow us to bring RainCamp to you free of charge and we couldn't do it without them.


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RainCamp Online: Best of the Best
Rain Camp is a great way to tap into some of the best Real Estate from the trenches training available. Here are the links below to sign up and get an overview of some of the hottest topics in the industry. Pop your popcorn and see you there… more
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