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Tech Tip: Join.Me Is The Next Best Thing To Being There!

Free screen sharing tool works great for a listing presentation, show and tell, show and fix...what a tool! I also like Skype because you can see the photo of the person to whom you are conversing or screen sharing. Move out the way, Riley Rover!

Tech Tip:  Join.Me Is The Next Best Thing To Being There!

Once upon a time you need to be a real technical guru to pull off some of the tasks we now take for granted.  Once upon a time if you wanted a screen shot, it was literally that, get out your camera and CLICK!  Now there's plenty of screen capture software out there to meet that need.

Now if you're some type of corporate type, Windows Live Meeting or Net Meeting just might be a standard tool, but for your average consumer, those aren't programs we use.

How would you like a program that is really quick, really easy and how about FREE that allowed you to hold an impromptu online meeting? Then you just might want to take a look at Join.Me.  Just type in and it'll redirect you to is by the same people that bring you LogMeIn software for remote access to your home computer.  Install the basic Join.Me software and put the shortcut on your desktop.  When you're ready to use it, both parties click their shortcut, the sharing party clicks Share and provides the 9 digit code to the other parties and moments later everyone can be looking at the same screen.  Pretty cool!

And what does the basic Join.Me software offer?
Screen Sharing, chat, internet calling, share control and more. 
For what most of us do, we're probably not going to need the Pro version.  Obviously performance will be dependent on the quality of all parties Internet connections.

Now how can help you?  We're betting there's MANY ways we can put this program to use!

  • Work as a team and your partner having trouble with a file?  Have them share their screen with you and you can see what they see and solve the problem no matter where you are.
  • Got a client that's out of town so you can't meet in person?  Email them the contract, have them open Join.Me and walk them through it step by step.  No more guessing if you're on the same page of that 20 page packet.
  • Two homeowners and one is on business travel so you can't get a prelist appointment together?  Fire up your iPad or Laptop, and share your presentation to them via Join.Me.  Use the Internet Calling option and it's the next best thing to having them with you!
  • Maybe you've got a friend or family member that's not the most tech savvy and they could use some help?  With this software you could be a few clicks away from uploading a Facebook profile photo for them, initiating a virus scan or any number of other tasks, all while halfway across the country.

So that's our newest Tech Tip.  We hope you like the software and that it can help make your day to day life easier!

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Tech Tip: Join. Me Is The Next Best Thing To Being There!
Free screen sharing tool works great for a listing presentation, show and tell, show and fix… what a tool! I also like Skype because you can see the photo of the person to whom you are conversing or screen sharing. Move out the way, Riley Rover!… more
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