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I'm no expert on SEO, but here are some simple tips I've learned

There are some basic good ideas here that I want to start using. Tagging improvement, labeling photos, hashtags, studying Google Analytics, sending posts to other sites are all part of developing good, healthy blogging habits. Enjoy the tips, too!


I don’t pretend to be an expert in SEO (search engine optimization), and in fact I don’t understand a lot of how it works.  I read articles of how to increase my standing in Google searches, and every article says something completely different.  Some of them are even contradictory to each other.

I have signed up for the Active Rain University class on the subject, and I feel I can trust AR to steer me right.  After all, if my blog is consistently number 1, then so is Active Rain.  At least that is my logic.

Meanwhile, I have learned a few things – simple things – that I know will contribute to my to increase your SEO

  Blogging every day whenever possible means that anyone searching for Susan Neal will most likely find me on page one.  There is a Susan Neal who is an artist and does weavings.  It used to be that she took all of the first page and most of page 2.  Now I have bumped her off the first page and sometimes even off the second.  Nothing against her, but she just made is more difficult to find me.

  I have always illustrated my blogs with clip art, photos and graphs, but I never bothered to title them or attach a description.  Since I started doing that, my images also show up in the search engines, and when someone clicks on one of those images, it takes them to my blog.

  When I first started blogging, I didn’t understand tagging.  There are a couple of reasons to put some thought into the tags you put at the end of your post.  First of all, it helps you to find your old posts when you want to refer back to them.  But it also helps your SEO.  If I write a post about market trends in Fair Oaks California, there are several ways I could tag it, but by going to Google Analytics I can see that wording my tags one way might catch 2 searchers, while wording it another might catch 45 people looking for that information. 

  If Google Analytics told you that people looking for real estate for sale in your town used the search term “Your Town homes for sale” 50 times more than they used “Your Town real estate”, which one would you want to use to direct searchers to your site?

  If you know the search terms that people use most, use those in your post as well.  In fact use them a couple of time, and you might even bold them.  Just don’t make your post hard to read and funny-looking by repeating that phrase a dozen times.  One expert says that such overkill will turn Google off.  I don’ttips to increase your SEO know if that’s true, but I do know that if I were a consumer who came to your blog for information and your posts were so hard to wade through, you would not be likely to get my business.  Let your posts help market you.

  Be sure to use the buttons at the top of the page to re-post your blog posts (or at least links to them) to facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter.  Each of those sites has its own search features, and you might as well get the SEO through them as well.  And you can add more power to them by adding hashtags (#) with a phrase.  For example you could add after the title of your post that you are adding to Twitter: #FairOaksHomes.  If you have room with the number of characters available, you could add more hashtags too before re-posting it.

I’ll probably think of more things later, and surely I’ll have more information after my seminar, so I may post about this again in a few days.  I realize these are all very simple things and not very technical, but that’s where I am right now.


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I'm no expert on SEO, but here are some simple tips I've learned
There are some basic good ideas here that I want to start using. Tagging improvement, labeling photos, hashtags, studying Google Analytics, sending posts to other sites are all part of developing good, healthy blogging habits. Enjoy the tips, too! &… more
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