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What's in your bucket?

This is my favorite blog post of the morning reads. I keep seeing Pinterest  mentioned on Tech Forums. My Dad likes the movie  called "The Bucket List." I am a huge Evernote fan but am getting curious about checking out these fun lists. 


Recently I was invited to join Pinterest. Like the world's biggest online club for anyone who is anyonebucket. You just have an invitation to get in.... and if you aren't invited? You can ask to be. I'm not sure if it feels exclusive or if it is exciting. What I have learned? It's completely addicting. The crafter, baker, teacher, photographer, mother, chef and seamstress in me just about goes into overdrive every time I open up that site.

Honestly, my 'bucket list' was a mile long already and has now grown to exponential proportions. For every hat I wear the list of 'to do's' is longer than I'll ever accomplish and now it's growing by the day!

Thing is.... even without this awesome idea site my bucket list is long. Really really long. And, like many, the main goals in life are at the top of my list.
Lose weight, make more money, buy a new car, be more cheerful..... and on and on. The list is really what I work on ALL DAY LONG every day. It's the things that I really really want to accomplish and cross off.

It's not just about the fun things either. It's my business goals, my client goals, my personal goals, my family goals and so much more.

And, to get the most off my lists I review them often. It certainly makes sense because trying to build an upside-down snowman just wouldn't work in June... and swimming in every lake in Minnesota (which isn't on my list) would not work in November. There is something to setting a plan to make the list work.

As we gather momentum for 2012 I am reviewing my bucket to see how full it is. And, what has been on the list all year that didn't seem to finish itself. Starting from there I'll determine what is still on my bucket list and what needs to be revised.

And, in the meantime, I'm hoping for a little snow because four of my current goals won't fulfill themselves without it!

Do you have a bucket list? What's on it? Perhaps buying or selling a house? If it is... do you know the steps to get there successfully? Take the time and contact me today because I can help you get there. Looking foward to helping find your next home!


                 In the meantime... if you are looking to move into the area... I'll wait for you to call!


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What's in your bucket?
This is my favorite blog post of the morning reads. I keep seeing Pinterest mentioned on Tech Forums. My Dad likes the movie called "The Bucket List. " I am a huge Evernote fan but am getting curious about checking out these fun lists. … more
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