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Virtual Office and Meeting Space Available at Sococo

Anything like this fascinates me. No travel but all the benefits of a meeting. I need to compare the differences of this to GotoMeeting. There are always lots of good tech tools on Active Rain!

Recently, I shared a "Virtual" Office concept using a new technology for Internet users around the globe.  This would also apply to those of you who have teams scattered all over town, all over the county, and possibly all over the Country.  Imagine having a virtual meeting/office space where you could talk, chat via private chat, go into your own private office, sit at a conference table, or meet and greet people in your very own virtual lobby? 

What if you could invite up to 50 people to attend a meeting, watch a presentation, attend a Buyer/Seller forum or just put on a seminar for your new or target clients?  Maybe a class, a group discussion, or just an opportunity to get together and catch up?

Brad Andersohn - Virtual Office

Sococo is a site that allows you to share screens, documents, chat, talk, meet, etc. with up to 50 users, and also provides you with a "virtual" setting much like a floor plan that allows you to move around from room to room, office to office and share content, ideas, and presentations with others.  The site gives easy access to video training and is very user friendly.  Just DOWNLOAD their software and you're ready to start inviting others and meeting "virtually!" It works on the PC and Windows, but they are working on a MAC version that will be announced at some point.

It's FREE!  It's FAST, and it's EASY.  It's also just another way to save you time and money.  You'll save gas, beat traffic, avoid accidents and bridge tolls.  No more weather restrictions, long distance phone bills, or delays due to unforeseen circumstances that lie outside your front door.  You're already communicating over the Internet, this is just a neat and fancy way to bring it all together in a fun and simple environment.  My Virtual office is up and running, take the Sococo penny tour for yourself then run off and create your own in minutes.

Your custom Office creations are ALL private and only accessible by others via an email invitation.

Sococo is leading the next generation of "virtual communication" tools and cutting edge systems for the web.  I think you'll love it and some of you will find some very practical applications where you can use this tool for your clients, associates, business relationships, or even family and friends.  Let's face it, most of us are already leading and living very busy Internet lives, making it easier and more virtual is a natural progression.



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Virtual Office and Meeting Space Available at Sococo
Anything like this fascinates me. No travel but all the benefits of a meeting. I need to compare the differences of this to GotoMeeting. There are always lots of good tech tools on ActiveRain! Recently, I shared a "Virtual" Office concept… more
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