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Buying A Home Is A Series of "Yeses"....Helping The Buyers Understand This

I found myself thinking about this post a few days after I read it. So it's going to be reblog on my Southern Maryland site! Yes, yes, is definitely a journey of many yes answers to find the path home.

Buyers are nervous....especially in this environment. As agents we can help our buyers take the steps with confidence by our explanations. I like to tell my buyers that the buying process is a series of "yeses"....we keep moving forward until we hit a "no."

1) Finding a home and writing an offer: "yes, we like the home enough to submit an offer"

2) Accepting a counter offer, or opening escrow: "yes, we accept the initial terms, subject to contingencies"

3) Reviewing the home inspection: "yes, the condition of the home is one we accept, or we ask for repairs"

4) Request for Repairs is responded to: "yes, we are satisfied with the response"

5) Loan approval and terms are received: "yes, we like the terms of our loan"

And the list goes, title, appraisal.....we all know the list. I tell my buyers about these stages when we first meet. I always tell them that they will be making a series of decisions....and at the point they answer "no" to a situation, we move on.

Simple explanation which demystifies the process. And I think gives peace of mind to the buyers. Even experienced buyers experience uneasiness and second guesses. step at a time, we go through the stages. If we get all "yeses"? We close....if not? We move on! 



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I found myself thinking about this post a few days after I read it. So it's going to be reblog on my Southern Maryland site! Yes, yes, yes.. it is definitely a journey of many yes answers to find the path home. Buyers are nervous… especially in… more
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