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Lights, cameras, action

How can a Purchaser speak freely and then discuss their objections with their Realtor openly ...which could be resolved...under this microscope? It is a good analogy to use with Sellers, though, to communicate the discomfort of being watched and followed. Both things interefere with objection handling and sales.

Several houses I viewed yesterday had sellers or tenants present during showings. That is one thing. Ick. Hate it. But today was a whole new thing.

A house I viewed today had cameras all over the place. I'm not used to that. I found myself incredibly self conscious. Fortunately the person I was showing ran late and the house was vacant. So I was able to play with the system some time in advance to see where all the cameras were and make sure I didn't do anything embarassing in front of one. Because knowing me, I would.

I really didn't like it, though, at all. I think when a house is being shown it's great to show off the features, like security systems and cameras, but I was self conscious with the vacant home with monitors turned on all over the place showing all the different camera angles and views outside and everything. And crystal clear. On a BAD hair day! It's one thing to have one camera or monitor. This had many, many angles and many monitors turned on inside.

What do you think? I realize it is a property feature, but doesn't it make you nervous to see yourself or your car or what have you all over every room you enter? I turned a few off, to be honest. Have you felt watched when showing before? Creepy. And discussing privately with a client anything relative to the property was out of the question. I felt like a bank musical hold where music stops and an attorney's voice begins, "We are attempting to collect a debt. Anything you say will be used... blah blah blah" Not private at all.

Can't a girl get a private showing anymore?

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Lights, cameras, action
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