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Active Rain Outside Blogs Are Essential To My Business: Check This Out!

I have two outside blogs. One I use for posts about homes I view on house tour or preview in Southern Maryland called and the other is my main blog site off AR called

One of my favorite Active Rain Features is the Outside Blog.  AR Outside Blogs allow you to specialize in a niche and really focus in on some hard core material for that niche.  This is a long needed post - I have been dragging my feet because I wanted to really go to work on a few and show you some of the results. 

green lake loopI work in all of Greater Seattle, but there are some neighborhoods and areas that I truly specialize in and adore.   I wanted to have a way to really focus on those individual areas without diluting the material with other posts I might write.  For example, some of you have seen my Seattle houseboats posts - I have loved and adored houseboats long before getting into real estate - Seattle's floating homes are one of the most amazing pieces of Seattle history and they are truly unique.  As a result, they deserve a specialized focus from me. Seattle neighborhoods like Queen Anne and Green Lake are another strong focus I have. 

The problem:  How do I write about Queen Anne and really get through to Queen Anne buyers and sellers when there are posts on Green Lake or Wallingford or Richmond Beach on my AR blog?  It is too diluted and I really want the Queen Anne audience to be able to see Queen Anne only posts - easily. 

The answer:  Active Rain Outside BlogsSEattle afloat

I have an Active Rain Outside Blog for each of these favorite niches!  Anytime I write a post on AR that pertains to one of these areas of interest, I check a box that says Outside Blogs and then check which Outside Blog I want this particular post to feed to. 

The result?  A highly specialized Outside Blog that builds my credibility as a local expert on that area.  In my case, multiple highly specialized blogs that really highlight the kind of business I prefer.  Did you know that you attract what you write?  If you write about short sales and foreclosures, then you will attract clients interested in those areas.  If you write about waterfront properties, you attract clients interested in waterfront properties.  Having an Active Rain Outside Blog allows you to really highly focus in an attractive manner what kind of client you want to attract by highlighting your niche.

Here are my pet AR Outside Blog projects:


You can easily see how specialized each one is and it takes no more effort than writing a post to AR and checking a box.  In fact, you can sign up for Outside Blogs and go back and check mark past posts to add to your Outside Blog retroactively.  I am sure you already have a book of content written.

Auto Pilot & Cheap:

I have more than three Outside Blogs from Active Rain, just so you know.  It is a great product and only $19.95/month including the domain name, hosting, easy templates, and more for each Outside Blog.  It is so easy that it is practically auto pilot to have an outside blog and it ranks separately with Google.  In fact, Google loves Outside Blogs because they are categorized geographically like AR Localism posts and also pack the Active Rain punch of popularity.Brad wrote a great post on getting started on Outside Blogs here:

You could do a manual outside blog without Active Rain, but why would you?  This makes it so easy!!!!!!

The other great feature about AR Outside blogs is you can invite anyone on AR to contribute to your Outside Blog.  My great business partner Molly contributes to all three of these Outside Blogs - this give the sites extra flavor!

Taking it to another level...seattle afloat

Seattle Afloat is my houseboats AR Outside Blog.  I took this one to a whole new level once I saw how much success I could have with an Outside Blog.  I actually went ahead and trademarked it and got a business license in that name.  I also have a logo specifically for the houseboat section of my business now. 

Here is the really cool thing:  People have responded so well to the Seattle Afloat AR Outside Blog that the local newspaper syndicated it!  I just got started on Friday and going forward all my posts from Seattle Afloat will also be posted on the Seattle PI! They loved my specialized content and the traffic back to my Seattle houseboats for sale website page has increased dramatically!

seattle pi image














 Let me know if you have questions about AR Outside blogs - I would be happy to talk to anyone about it - They are so easy and the results have been phenomenal!


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