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Ask and YE Shall Receive! I wanted this in one easy place to scour the past contests to read and reread the entries. I'll remember something someone wrote and want to reread it. Or, I 'll forget which ideas surfaced for the top prize. Now it is nice and easy to find the Active Rain Contest Entries. Thanks, Kerrie! You are the BEST!

I've begun compiling past contests in one easy spot for you to find any information you're looking for.  This post will be updated each month when new contests are added.

We're always looking for new ideas and moderators to host.  If you have an idea for a contest, please get in touch with Kerrie to talk more about it.




Up Close and Personal - Kathleen Daniels
2013 JumpStart - Lynn Friedman
Endorse a Fellow Rainer - Debbie Reynolds
Get Healthy in the Rain - Stacey-Ann Baug
I Wish My Website Did this - Website Box



Be the star of Your Own Movie - Roger Mucci



How are You Prepping for the Market Shift - AR
Sensei Grasshopper - Dick Greenberg
31 in 31 - Kerrie La Guardia



Spring, a Time for Change - Sally Cheeseman
Congratulations to Me - Rick Snow
What Do You Wish You Knew - Erica Ramus
The ONE thing - ActiveRain



Newbie Outreach - Kathleen Daniels
Get Ready for the Summer - Anna Kruchten
May's Cloudburst - ActiveRain
Print Campaigns - ActiveRain



Know Your Neighborhoods - Bill & Liz Spear
Your Best TECHO Secrets - Helen Prier
June's Cloudburst - ActiveRain
Your Greatest Failure - Chris Ann Cleland



What's My Line - Kathy Streib
July's Cloudburst - ActiveRain
Crowdsourcing  the Way to an Amazing Open House - ActiveRain
Social Media Mistakes & Fixes - ActiveRain



What We Have in Common - Debbie Reynolds 
Summer Video Challenge - Bob Crane
August's Cloudburst - ActiveRain
What are Your Must Have Apps? - EchoSign



The Virtual Traveller - Gayle Rich-Boxman 
September's Cloudburst - ActiveRain
What Have You Learned About Growing Your Business - Paul McFadden
Update Your Profile - ActiveRain



There's No Place Like Home - Liz Wallace
Who Would You Like to Meet in Person - Donna Foerster
October's Cloudburst - ActiveRain
Showcase Your State/Province - ActiveRain


To find current contests, check out the Contests Tab on AR.  



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Comment balloon 7 commentsCheryl Ritchie • October 03 2013 10:51AM
ActiveRain Contests Archive
Ask and YE Shall Receive! I wanted this in one easy place to scour the past contests to read and reread the entries. I'll remember something someone wrote and want to reread it. Or, I 'll forget which ideas surfaced for the top prize. Now it is nice… more
How Is Your Customer Experience? Lessons From Steve Jobs
I do not need to look one blogpost further for my favorite post of the day! This Jobs book is absorbing, informative, thought provoking and easily one of the best reads around. I wondered if you would like him but knew that you would admire and… more
HANG UP AND DRIVE! Hands free or pay the fine!
Ths is a perfect Maryland reblog of the day because until I read this I did not even know about the new Maryland LAW changes regarding cell phones. I was in a new car the other day and realized how the hands free concept works with the new vehicle… more
I think the one that involves the Seller leaving during showings is my top favorite. Loose lips ink ships is one way to explain IT. What is your favorite on the list below? I think it is valuable to review these points during the listing… more
How to create a header for your AR Blog Using iPiccy
One good benefit from a reblog is that you can stash great HOW TO posts in a safe spot to come back to later and add to your dialog or tech tooL aresenal. I have meant to do this new header a long time so now I have the instructions to return to to… more
When you have a legal question please consult with a lawyer.
As Agents we get accounting questions and legal questions. It is in the disclosures that we cannot answer these questions. We refer you to Accountants and to Lawyers who are trained and who have licenses in those areas. Even if we have knowledge, we… more
Staging FAQ's- What are the costs involved in Staging a vacant home?
Here is a good run down of the potential costs of staging a home to open it up to more potential buyers. This is a drop in the bucket if the Seller is saved several months of mortgage payments not to mention carrying costs of holding on to an empty… more
Please Leave Utilities on For New Owners
I had a settlement get cancelled and the contract voided over this. Without electric, the basement sump pump could not kick on in a flood situation to pump out the incoming water. A hundred dollar savings became thousands in clean up costs for the… more
Tips to Help Buyers Remember the Houses You Show
This is such a simple but effective system. It makes the home buying practice FUN as you keep track of the top two or three homes of the seven to ten you show in a day. It highlights the positive feature of the home quite often. I wonder if Buyers… more
If all those people are viewing my property on line where are they?
These are the Casper the ghost showings. They have already seen the home once but but for one reason or another have decided the home they have visited on line is not the home for them. The numbers tell a story and the Sellers need to review the… more