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It's Always a Joy to Welcome Back Old Friends- It's Good to See You Twinkies!

I felt sad for my friends who hunt for the very freshest Twinkie boxes and who keep them in stock always. Some brands are part of the daily landscape and you do feel like you lost  a friend when they are gone.  I still miss my favorite pizza parlor that closed their doors after decades. Here's three cheers to the brands that DESERVEDLY make up the landscapes  of our lives.

It’s Always a Joy to Welcome Back Old Friends- It’s Good to See You Twinkies!

Isn’t it funny how we don’t really miss something or someone until it or they aren’t around Hostess twinkiesanymore?  Take Twinkies.... they ceased production of these sweet little treats after Hostess Brands filed for bankruptcy in November 2012.

I’d bet it had been at least a dozen years or more  since I’d eaten a Twinkie or my favorite, Hostess Cupcake, and yet when they announced that they were not going to be made anymore, I was sad.  Like I’d lost an old friend... well actually more like I was losing part of my childhood.

I know there are “knock-offs” but if I’m going to take on the calories and sugar, I’m going to do it with the real thing, and not some “Little” wanna-be.

The rebirthed Hostess Twinkies (Hostess Brands was purchased by Apollo Global Management) were supposed to make their debut this past Monday, July 15 but as I understand it, Wal-Mart was able to begin selling their batch 3 days earlier with a “First Batch” gold seal on the collectible box.  

This “You Can’t Go Home Again” desire is something that fuels online stores like “Hometown Favorites” that sells 50’s Favorites like Cherry Mashes, Nik-L-Nip’s, Double Bubble, and Necco Wafers.

So, today, after exercising incredible will power for several days, I walked into Publix and bought a box of Twinkies and Hostess Cupcakes.   I ate 1 Twinkie, and that’s it.  The boxes are sitting in my pantry until I can think of which neighbor/friend I’m going to give these to.

That’s all I wanted or needed.  It was really good but what was even better was just knowing that they’re there waiting on the store shelf until I’m ready for my next Twinkie fix.




 Kathy Streib 

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It's Always a Joy to Welcome Back Old Friends- It's Good to See You…
I felt sad for my friends who hunt for the very freshest Twinkie boxes and who keep them in stock always. Some brands are part of the daily landscape and you do feel like you lost a friend when they are gone. I still miss my favorite pizza parlor… more
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